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Hi! I’m Myles from, we intend on building a decentralized, censorship resistant, self-custodial voting/deliberation/liquid democracy app uplifted from the web2 into the wonderful world of web3, with many goodies added (like AI-generated training videos so voters can level up and vote on more and more complex issues).

We are leaning on VerusID (provenance : BTC / ZCash / Komodo / Verus) to provide decentralized digital identities and zero-knowledge assertions (ie. I get a digital certification from a government authority that I was born in jurisdiction x on date y, and I can make a digital assertion that I’m old enough to enter a bar without that bar needing to know who I am or even how old I am). The bar is able to quickly verify my assertion all the way back to the trusted root of the certification chain, and in I go.

When our app is up and running I’ll be sure to add it to your list.

All discussion welcome.