Web3Privacy Meetup, 5 October 2023, Rome - [during ETHRome Hackathon]

ETHRome is an IRL hackathon to gather the best hacktivists and builders working on Governance & Privacy-preserving technologies :classical_building:

:calendar: Rome, 6-8 October 2023

:building_construction: +350 builders :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Two Main Tracks [Privacy and Governance]

:moneybag: +30k Prizes + sponsor bounties

The Hackathon will go from Friday 6 to Sunday 8, and the 1st week of October will host different side events and gatherings;

The day before the hackathon will start, Web3 Privacy Now Advocates will host a conference-like Meetup (on Thursday 5).

Ill provide soon all the details about the location, timings and schedule.

In the meantime, you can follow all the updates on ETHRome Twitter page.

Great to bring privacy to Italian community!